The ClearView HD1009IR receiver will cover all your needs for free-to-air satellite TV.
Fully compliant with the latest broadcast specifications, this HD receiver is simple to install. Just unplug your old receiver and put this one in its place.


Main Features

– Fully Compliant to MPEG-2 Digital Standard
– Fully Compliant to MPEG-4 Part10, AVC HD/H.264 Standard
– Digital Satellite DVBS2 Tuner with Loop-Through
– MP Layer I and II, CD quality audio sound
– S/PDIF for Dolby Digital Audio Output
– Dolby Digital Down-Mix Output Support
– Mono, Left, Right, Stereo, Audio Output Support
– PCM with Decoded Stereo AAC Stereo or Decoded
MPEG I layer II(Musicam) Audio
Output Support
– DTS with Transcoded Multi-channel HE-AAC
Audio Output Support.
– PVR host via USB socket up to 1TB
– Easy And Fast Auto Programming, Intuitive User Interface
– Various Video Display Format With
PAL 576i/576p/720p/1080i Support
1080p : Only HDMI interface support.
– Various Video Aspect Ratio With 4:3, Letter Box,
Full Screen And 16:9 Support – CVBS,
HDMI Video Output Support
HDMI Lead Included
– 4 digit 7 segment LED display – 3 buttons (Power, Channel Up, Channel Down) on front panel
– Software Upgrade and PVR host Via USB 2.0
– Separated TV/Radio/All List & Favorite Group List
– Multi Language Support

Other Features
– OS21 base
– Powerful and easy functions for editing
(Lock, Delete, Rename Channel & Favourite
– Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for On Screen
Channel Information – Multi-language Function
– Auto searching & manual searching function
– Parental lock function
– DVB & DCII Subtitle supported by VBI and OSD

1. Main system
CPU ST40-300 CPU Core 450MHz (ST7111)
Flash Memory Default 8Mbytes(Secure Flash)
DDR SDRAM Default 256Mbytes
(Program 128Mbytes & Graphic 128Mbytes)
EEPROM Default 128Kbits

2. Conditional Access System
Smart Card Reader 1 Slot for licensed embedded Irdeto CAS Support

3. Tuner & Demodulator
RF Input Range 950MHz ~ 2150MHz
Input Connector F-Type Female (With Loop-Through)
Input Impedance 75 ohm
Input dynamic Range -65dBm ~ -25dBm
Channel selection
system PLL synthesizer
(Using X-TAL Reference Clock : 16MHz)
Demodulation method LDPC/BCH
Symbol rate LDPC/BCH (DVB-S2) 8PSK/QPSK : 10~30Msps
DVB-S QPSK : 2~45Msps
FEC method Viterbi :
Punctured codes 1/2, 2/3 and 6/7 in DSS mode
1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 in DVB-S mode
Reed-Solomon : (204 : 188) : in DVB-S mode
(146:130) : in DSS mode
LDPC & BCH : Punctured codes 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5,
5/6, 8/9, 9/10 in DVB-S2 mode

4. MPEG Transport stream & Audio / Video Decoding
Transport Stream MPEG-2/MPEG-4
Part10 AVC/H.264 HDHP@L4.0
(MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818 Transport stream Specification)
Profile Level
MPEG-2 MP@HL, MPEG-4 Part10 AVC/H.264 HD MP@L4.0
Aspect Ratio 4:3, Letter Box, 16:9, Pan & Scan Video Resolution
1920x1080i, 1280x720p, 720x576p, 720x576i @ 50Hz.
1080p @ 50Hz : Only supported via HDMI interface
Audio Decoding MPEG-1 Layer 1,2
Dolby Digital Down-Mix Output Support PCM with
Decoded Stereo AAC Stereo DTS with
Transcoded Multichannel HE-AAC
Audio Output Mode Mono, Left, Right, Stereo,
Dolby Digital bit-stream

5. A/V Data In/Out
CVBS (Composite Video) 1 Jack(RCA Type)
SPDIF Audio Output 1 Optical
Stereo Audio L/R 1Set RCA
HDMI 1 HDMI Connector
USB2.0 Host Interface for firmware
upgrade and External HDD
For PVR function. HDD up to 1TB

6. Power Supply
Input Voltage AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Type SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply)
Power Consumption 20Watts
Protection Separate Internal Fuse

7. Environment
Operating Temperature +5 ~ +50 deg C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +65 deg C

8. Physical Specifications
Size (W X D X H) 230 x 193.3 x 40.5 mm
Weight About 1.5Kg