Installer Listing Request

Considering that this website is only a referral service, we make no guarantee either to installers or customers about reciprocal commitments or contracts.

We try to direct customers to a local installer to keep costs down, to ensure local support, and to allow a Christian installer to meet the customer. If you or your company claims to install all over Australia, then we will consider linking to you in our links section, but may not include you in the database. This is subject to change in the future.

Please note that we will attempt to prioritise the listing of installers to best meet the needs of customers. Your name may be added or removed in our database at our discretion.

Before you can be correctly listed, please provide the following details

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Please enter postcodes in numerical order. eg 2000 – 2020, 2027 - 2029, 2043, 2067-2069 (You can use the tool at
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The postcode list must be specific and complete. Please list the postcodes in numerical order, including a range (2000-2020) if possible. Expressions such as “Sydney, and western suburbs up to Parramatta” are not helpful for our database, as this calculation is not currently available.

Please advise if you wish to keep any of the details private that we would normally publish.

This website is maintained by volunteers, who have other jobs, so please wait patiently for your details to be added to the site.