Give Yourself 30 New TV Channels Today for Free

Why pay monthly when you can get free TV that is actually healthy for your family? With free-to-air channels, you buy the equipment, you own it, and you use it as often as you like at no extra cost. Avoid paying monthly for commercial satellite or cable TV.Dish Reciever

Many Christian channels are available in almost all areas around the world now. You can enjoy over 10 Christian channels, and 3 international News Channels. These channels are legal and totally free, and all that is required to receive these channels is a satellite dish and satellite receiver (like a set-top box). Many free foreign language TV channels are also available.

To enjoy your free TV, just purchase a dish and receiver, and have it installed:

  • no contracts
  • no monthly fees
  • no more to pay, ever


All the Satellite TV information on this website is geared towards Australia and New Zealand. We will be updating to other parts of the World in the future