Viewer Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed?

To receive the FTA programs you will need a satellite dish tuned to the Optus D2 satellite, a satellite receiver and a TV set. The signal from the receiver is sent to the TV through an HDMI or AV input.   Alternatively it can be connected to the VCR or DVD recorder so that programs can be recorded.

The satellite dish can be mounted on the roof, or above the gutter with a mount that is fixed under the tiles and fastened to the rafters, or onto a wall facing North. It can also be mounted on a pipe driven into the ground. A cable then needs to be installed. This is usually brought down the inside of the wall to the existing TV outlet.

What if I already have a dish?

If you already have a dish that is not being used, you will need only to purchase a satellite receiver.

You will need to have your dish realigned to receive the Optus D2 signal.

Note: If you have an existing receiver for pay TV in your home, then an installer will not normally touch your dish because it is already in use.

I'm renting - can I still install a dish?

You need to obtain permission from the landlord to install a satellite dish. They will usually be happy to approve this, because it makes you a more satisfied tenant! In your application, it is best to explain that it is satellite TV, like Foxtel, only a different version.

In some areas, if the dish remains on the building for a certain time, it becomes property of the owner. We can’t advise you what to do in this case. Usually, the owner won’t be concerned with you taking your dish with you provided you make sure the roof is still well sealed.

How much will it cost?

You can expect to pay around $450 for a complete installation. Some recycled dishes may be available at a lower price. If you already have a satellite dish on your roof, the cost will be significantly less.

If you just want to buy a kit and install it yourself, you will save yourself the installation charge and reduce your cost by $100 to $150.

Are there any ongoing costs?

There are no ongoing fees to pay. The once-only installation fee is all that it costs. Most receivers come with a twelve-month warranty.

D2 Satellite Tuning Parameters

If you want to tune your receiver in, the tuning channel is as follows:

Frequency: 12706
Polarity: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 22500
FEC: 3/4
“Network Search” must be set to “enabled’ or “on” so that it can load all available channels. GlobeCast Australia will continue to provide updates as more information comes to hand.

See our Tuning Guide for more detailed information. This is not difficult to do, but requires careful attention to the setup procedure.

I've lost all my channels

If you have sticky fingers, you may have pressed “restore factory defaults”.  You will need to retune the receiver.  Alternatively, you may send your receiver to your local installer for reprogramming by prior arrangement.

If you have very bad weather, then the signal may be too weak to view properly. Wait until the weather passes. This is an unfortunate “feature” of satellite TV.

Check cable connections for video/audio, dish, and power supply

Can I buy books and music advertised on 3ABN from Australia?

Any music on the Chapel Records label can usually be found in your local Adventist Book Centre (ABC). Books from Pacific Press can usually be found also at the local ABC.
Books or CDs produced by various ministries other than 3ABN are usually distributed by that ministry, and may not be found at the ABC. 3ABN Australia is working on stocking some items.

If this is free TV, then who pays for it?

These channels are supported by donations from viewers who have been blessed by watching them. If you would like to support this service, then make a donation to the channels of your choice. Some people even choose to regularly support channels as a sign of their thankfulness to God.

Can I Install the System myself?

Yes. You will need the skills to climb onto your roof safely and install the appropriate mounting on your roof. Tile roofs require the removal of some tiles. A steel roof requires removal and replacement of roof screws. Then you have to run the cable in the ceiling to your TV viewing area and connect it all to your existing TV.

Most people find the dish alignment the most challenging part of installation.  You may need to purchase a sat-finder to align your dish.  Or you may choose to get a technician to align the dish properly.

What is included in the kit?

A typical kit contains the following items.

  • Modern Free to Air satellite receiver
  • 85cm Charcoal(colour) KU Dish. (this may be larger in low-signal areas)
  • 11.3 Ku Band LNBF
  • Gutter (Tile) or Tin roof mount
  • F-type connectors
  • Coaxial cable (may be included or purchased separately)
I'm missing some channels

From time to time, the satellite company adds, removes, and moves channels.  Your receiver may need rescanning periodically if you are missing channels.

New channels do not normally appear automatically; You must re-scan the satellite using your receiver, and then select those new channels that you want to receive.

In 2014, channels started moving to HD (mp4) format.  This requires that you have an HD-compatible receiver.

Occasionally, some installers don’t scan all the channels in. If this has happened to you, you need to contact the installer to get these channels added. If you own the equipment, then you have a right to get the channels added, or at least to know the password so that you can get into the setup of your receiver to scan in the channels you require. Of course, there may be a charge for someone to come and scan in channels for you.

Note: If you previously watched the Daystar channel and it stopped working before 2006 (approx) then you may need to rescan the channel. Daystar was moved to another position on the satellite. Until the channel is rescanned, it will show up incorrectly as a pay-channel.

Will the Channel List Change?

The Christian Channels are free to air. We try to keep our list up to date so you can see what is available from the tabs on our website.
Channels are added and removed under the control of the Satellite company from time to time.
Other international channels may be encrypted (for pay TV purposes) and may become unavailable. For a current listing of channels on D2 satellite go to www.lyngsat.com/optusd2

Installer Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my name listed?

Our installer list comes from some of the existing christian satellite channels. If you are listed as an installer for one of the Christian channels, then just let us know. We also accept a referral from a listed installer.

Installing a dish is a great opportunity for a Christian to meet up with other people who are interested in Christian TV. For this reason, we give priority to installers who are genuinely interested in these contact opportunities.

Please complete our Installer Listing Request form.  Please note, that your details may be added to our system at our sole discretion.  There may also be a delay in listing your details, depending on the availability of our volunteers to update our database.

How much does it cost?

At present, there is no charge to be listed on this website. You just need to complete an application form and return it to us.

I have friends who install in xx, why can't I be listed for that area?

We prefer to have an automated system. Rather than have people call you and then you pass on the order, our system allows customers to call the local installer direct. So if you know a good installer who meets our criteria and isn’t yet in our system, let us know or get them to register with us.